• "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
    ~ Joseph Pilates
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  • "Everyone is the architect of their own happiness."
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    PT llc, stands for Pamela Turner, MSPT, Physical Therapist and Pilates Teacher.  Pamela, a native of Colorado, decided to join forces with a complementary health team at Align Pilates.Physical Therapy.Nutrition in the mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  As one of the women-owned, independent businesses within Align, Pamela is a movement specialist utilizing physical therapy, Pilates-based exercise, manual therapy, and a whole body approach to rehabilitation.  She has since relocated to the island of Maui and is currently working on integrating her knowledge with other practitioners in the area. As former Principle Educator and Examiner for Polestar Pilates she has taught others how to access the wonderful world of Pilates and rehabilitation for the past 15 years.  From rehabilitation of injuries to advanced movement and improved sports performance, Pamela can use her eclectic background to help you move with intelligent awareness.  Find more flexibility, balance, demonstrate strength and walk taller with an enhanced posture.

    What do we offer?

    • Hour long physical therapy and private Pilates sessions with a licensed Physical Therapist and PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
    • Referrals to a network of complementary practitioners in Kihei, Hawaii and the surrounding areas to experts around the world to address the whole body
    • Options to transition to a small Pilates reformer/tower group classes or to group Pilates mat classes to move toward greater independence under the helpful eye of a physical therapist.
    • Quiet, comfortable, clean environment that feels like home

    Pamela’s Mission

    Pamela strives to inspire awareness and encourage movement with a creative, eclectic approach to fitness and rehabilitation.  Pamela embraces current practices with an emphasis on whole body health.

    Pamela’s Vision

    To inspire and nurture movement, awareness, and posture in the body- one person, one movement, one breath at a time.

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    Office: 702 Oak Street
    Steamboat Springs, CO

    Post: P.O. Box 882742
    Steamboat Springs, CO